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What Happens After A Workers’ Comp Injury?

The Workers’ Compensation Process After An Injury

Your job is important. If you receive a work injury and cannot go back to work, you may have physical pain on top of immense insecurity regarding how you are going to pay bills. Workers’ comp is designed to protect you from financial harm if you are injured on the job. At the Chisholm Law LLC in Beverly, we can help protect your rights and fight for the just compensation you deserve if injured in a work accident.

First Steps To Take

If you are involved in a job injury, you should take these steps to ensure your health and your rights to workers’ compensation. This includes telling your manager, getting medical attention, seeing your family physician and any other doctors for evaluations, and keeping copies and records pertaining to your care and missed work. Workers’ compensation insurance is similar to any other insurance in that it covers you financially if you are injured while at work. It can cover benefits, including medical care, lost wages and benefits for the survivors of those who have died on the job.

What If Your Workers’ Comp Benefits End? We Can Appeal

You were approved and received worker’s compensation, then you received a letter that the company has denied any further compensation. If you have been denied workers’ comp payments, secure a deeply experienced workers’ comp attorney such as Eric Chisholm to file an appeal on your behalf. You need a highly knowledgeable attorney who knows how the workers’ comp system works and can navigate this legal upset.

Attorney Chisholm is abreast of the state law and knows the steps to take that may include:

  • Learning why your workers’ comp was denied, such as if a deadline was missed or the employer is disputing the claim and why
  • Discussing the situation with your company to learn if a dispute can be resolved or if a mistake was made in paperwork
  • Appealing the worker’s comp denial – the denial letter stating a filing deadline

You deserve workers’ compensation benefits, if a work-related accident caused you harm. Let our extensively-experienced workers’ compensation lawyer fight for what you need and deserve.

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