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Denied Workers’ Comp

Helping You Appeal A Denied Workers’ Comp Claim

A denied workers’ compensation claim can be discouraging. But if your injuries are such that you have medical bills piled high and cannot work, you need the support of an aggressive workers’ comp lawyer who can fight on your behalf, someone who knows how the legal system works with denied claims. At Chisholm Law LLC, our experienced attorney can study your claim’s denial and offer you legal options.

Reasons Your Claim May Be Denied

A denied claim doesn’t have to be the end. A skilled workers’ comp attorney who had appealed claims before can be your greatest asset and tell you what you can expect. There are many reasons why a claim may be denied, including:

  • The injury was reported too late – state laws determine how soon an injury must be reported.
  • No medical treatment was given – if you did not see a medical professional, you may not receive benefits.
  • Lack of evidence proved you were injured at work – you may need to require another medical exam and/or evidence.
  • The employer is disputing your claim – the employer may believe your injury was not work-related.

If you were denied, first speak with your employer to see if there was a mistake and to discover if you can resolve the dispute. If no dispute resolution is possible, speak with our attorney for help seeking your worker’s comp benefits. The deadline for when you may file an appeal in Massachusetts is tight. Our tenacious workers’ compensation lawyer at Chisholm Law LLC can work on your behalf to file the appeal and strive for positive results. Speak with us today.

How To Appeal A Denied Workers’ Comp Claim

The financial coverage deemed workers’ compensation is imperative for employees. If you do not receive this, your life will suffer in more ways than pain from an injury. Medical bills and lost salary for the time you are not able to work can add up. Talk to our compassionate, aggressive attorney for help appealing your claim. An experienced workers’ comp lawyer can help file an appeal by the due date, document medical reports and help you seek additional medical help if needed.

Seek A Knowledgeable Attorney To Assist With Your Appeal

If you sustained an injury on the job but the claim was denied, seek the experienced guidance from our astute attorney now. Call us in Beverly at 978-942-6959 or send in this email form to request a free confidential consultation today.