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Top injuries construction workers face on a job site

Top injuries construction workers face on a job site

On Behalf of | Jul 13, 2021 | Workers' Comp |

Working in construction may prove rewarding unless you find yourself at the receiving end of an injury. The construction profession is one of the riskiest, and for a good reason. Hazards are everywhere, and unless you remain diligent, you may face a serious injury.

What can a construction worker do to stay safe? Understanding some of the most common injuries in the business may help you steer clear of the risks that lead to them.

Fractures and muscle injuries

Bone fractures occur due to a variety of unfortunate accidents in and around a construction site. Falling from a ladder or scaffolding may result in serious bone breaks and muscle tears. The back is especially susceptible to injury when working off the ground from any height. Since the back is home to the spinal cord, any impact that causes damage to the muscles and bones of the back may result in long-lasting health issues.

Head injuries

A bump on the head may become a more serious injury on a construction site. Debris is a major source of accidents. Not only does it present a tripping hazard, but it may also fall and strike you in the head. Any damage to the head may result in a traumatic brain injury.


Electrocution is a real and present danger around the site. With so many workers present, exposed electrical wires may go unnoticed until someone contacts them. Burns from contact with electricity may cause permanent damage. If the contact is long enough, it may result in death.

As a construction worker, you should feel safe on any job. Using appropriate safety gear and remaining aware of your surroundings go a long way to staying injury-free.