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Common injuries delivery drivers suffer

Common injuries delivery drivers suffer

On Behalf of | Mar 12, 2021 | Workers' Comp |

Online shopping for goods and services has made delivery drivers essential. The job may seem easy and harmless, but delivery drivers put themselves at risk on the job in various ways.

Workers’ compensation claims for delivery drivers are rising as e-commerce does. As in other industries, some work accidents occur more frequently to delivery drivers than others. Aside from vehicle collisions, here are some of the most common work injuries in this growing position.


Packages range from very small to oversized. While there are often dollies and tools at a driver’s disposal, this may not stop every injury incident. Overexertion occurs when a driver either tries to handle a heavy or awkward package or when the heat of the day makes it difficult to maintain a safe body temperature. Either of these scenarios may end with a trip to the emergency room.

Repetitive motion

Some injuries take time to manifest. Repetitive motion or overuse injuries happen when a person uses the same body parts frequently. Joints, ligaments and muscles begin to wear out over time, causing pain. What may start as a nuisance ache may become serious without medical intervention.

Slip and fall

The weather in Massachusetts may vary from icy in the cooler months to humid in the summer. This may make for some slippery sidewalks and walkways that delivery drivers must traverse. Slip and falls while out of the vehicle may occur, causing impact damage to the limbs, spine and head. However, these same incidents may occur inside the vehicle if the deck is slippery.

Delivery drivers are among those occupations that must remain vigilant during work hours to stay safe.