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Why an attorney is important in a workers’ compensation case

Why an attorney is important in a workers’ compensation case

On Behalf of | Nov 13, 2020 | Workers' Comp |

As a devoted warehouse worker, you have toiled long hours over several years, putting in the muscle, grit and thought into fulfilling your duties. It has been a satisfactory career filled with responsibilities. That is until the unexpected happened.

Only six years from retirement, you sustain a serious job-related injury. Your back has given out, and you will be bedridden. This was a job-related injury, so you qualify for workers’ compensation. You think that is the case, anyway, but you have some doubts along with many questions. Seeking the insight from an experienced workers’ compensation attorney is an important step.

With you from the beginning

Many injured workers are thrust into this such scenario, not always understanding what to do, while hearing unsolicited advice from too many others. This represents the right time to consult with a knowledgeable and empathetic workers’ compensation attorney.

An attorney guides you in understanding workers’ compensation claims and the necessary steps to secure these benefits. Here are some of the important ways an attorney helps:

  • Provides an understandable explanation regarding the injuries that qualify people for workers’ compensation benefits. An attorney also outlines eligibility requirements.
  • Describes the process in how to secure workers’ compensation benefits. This process promises to be complicated, but with a legal ally, you will overcome any challenges.
  • Works with you from the beginning in helping you fill out your claim and file it. An attorney also will seek benefit extensions if your injury lasts longer than initially expected.
  • Takes on an employer’s insurance company that denies your workers’ compensation claim. When an appeal is necessary, an attorney leads the way through the appeals process.
  • Pursues litigation against third parties that may have been liable for the accident/incident leading to your injury.

Those workers’ compensation benefits will help your family get through the pending financial challenges. You deserve them. An attorney understands your situation and will stridently work on your behalf.