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How to apply for workers’ comp in Massachusetts

How to apply for workers’ comp in Massachusetts

On Behalf of | Dec 16, 2019 | Workers' Comp |

Workers who suffer an injury or illness at the job site or caused by job duties have the right to financial compensation. These workers’ compensation payments may cover medical bills and other associated costs.

Follow these steps to protect your financial security after a work injury by filing a Massachusetts workers’ comp claim.

Determine eligibility

Workers’ comp is available for those who cannot work for at least five full or partial consecutive or non-consecutive calendar days because of their illness or injury. You can file within four years of suffering an injury or realizing that an illness or injury stems from your job.

Gather the required information

Injured Massachusetts workers should download a copy of Form 110 – Employee Claim from the state’s Department of Industrial Accidents website. This application requires you to list the date of injury or illness, the name of the company that holds your employer’s workers’ comp insurance policy, a description of your illness or injury, the missed dates of work, expected length of recovery and the names of all health care providers who have treated you. You should also include supporting documentation such as medical records, medical bills, accident reports, and witness statements and contact information.

Submit your paperwork

Send in your form and documents by mail, or submit them at the Boston DIA office. You must also send copies of your complete application to your employer’s insurer and your employer. Incomplete or incorrect information can result in rejection of your application. If DIA accepts your application, you will receive notice of a meeting called the conciliation, where you, your employer and the insurance company will discuss your claim with an agency representative.

Available workers’ comp benefits include temporary coverage for either partial or total disability, permanent incapacity benefits and medical benefits. Depending on the circumstances, weekly payments range from 60 to 66% of your average weekly wage, plus medical expenses associated with the accident.