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Common Work-Related Injuries in the Healthcare Field

Common Work-Related Injuries in the Healthcare Field

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Every day, medical assistants, nurses, therapists, physicians, and other healthcare professionals treat sick patients and save lives. Yet many people fail to realize that even doctors can suffer slip and falls and other jobsite injuries. Some of the most common work-related injuries and causes affecting the healthcare field include the following:

  • Repetitive stress injuries— According to the United States Department of Labor Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), a “major source of injury to healthcare workers is musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs).” OSHA found that nursing aides, attendants and orderlies were seven times more like to develop these repetitive stress injuries than workers in other industries.
  • Handling patients— Nurses and other medical professionals may suffer back, neck, or other types of injuries as a result of patient handling activities such as moving a patient from toilet to chair, transferring from bathtub/shower to chair, moving from chair to bed, lifting a patient from a cot to bed, or making a bed while a patient is in it.
  • Violence — Unfortunately, healthcare professionals also suffer injuries due to violence from drug-related robberies of hospitals, clinics, and other medical facilities; injured criminals trying to escape; and assaults from family members of patients. Additionally, facilities that serve patients with physical or mental health challenges may increase the chances of violence against workers.
  • Slip and falls — Water, medical waste, and food spills present a serious hazard to professionals, patients, and visitors.
  • Understaffing — Budget limitations may cause a hospital or medical center to cut staff. An understaffed medical facility can face increased risk of injuries because nurses, orderlies, and professionals may work faster or cut corners.
  • Needle sticks — Due to the frequent use of needles, scalpels and other sharp instruments, medical professionals may suffer puncture wounds. There is also the risk of infection from bloodborne pathogens.

No matter if you are a home healthcare worker, physical therapist, or surgeon, you have the right to file for workers’ compensation if you suffer an injury at work. An experienced workers’ comp attorney in Beverly can walk you through the claims process and help you receive the benefits you deserve.

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